Along the Sherwood Heritage Trail...

Along the Sherwood Heritage Trail...
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"Old Sherwood Town" is only nine blocks in size, yet it represents a very large chunk of what America was about during the turn of the 19th Century. The physical Trail winds through these nine blocks. It begins and ends at the Sherwood Heritage Center. Take a look at at the surprises you may meet along the way!)

A Stop at the Barber Shop

Town Barber Dale Smith explains why he's never done business anywhere except in Old Town Sherwood. "I've been in this town for over fifty years." he said, "I don't think I'll ever quit." One entire wall of the shop is covered with photographs of early Sherwood. The other wall is hung with Dale's hand painted plates.

According to --Small Town America by Richard Lingeman: By the 1890s small town barber shops like this one... "had acquired a look and tone of elegance. Some had baths in the rear. In front there was a line of polished wood chairs with rich-hued velour uphlostery. On shelves were aligned the customers' shaving mugs, some embellished with initials or a design, like a coat of arms which reflected the owner's occupation. There was a smell of soap, steaming towels, bay rum, and cigar smoke in the air, and the place was a hive of gossip."


Anonymous said...

Where is the barber pole?

jaycee said...

It's still there. Too bad it got left out of the photo.

Anonymous said...

Why did Barbers have barber poles in the first place?

Lilly Morgen said...

The Barber shop on the main street is part of the small town heritage.

Sherwood said...

The origin of the barber pole has many explanations. Mr. Dale Smith says the red white and blue represents arterial (red) blood and venal (dark blue) blood. The white represents the clean bandage. Your trail guide adds the doctrine of the Four Humors. The true explanation is probably lost to time. All authorities agree that it has to do with the practice of blood letting, which was considered a beneficial practice up until recently. Wikipedia has an excellent article on the barber pole.

Anonymous said...

We saw the haircut place and there were lots of men there wating around. He collects pictures. You should get some.

jaycee said...

There have been arguments going on among those old men that have been going on since I was a kid. The barber shop never changes.

Anonymous said...

How does Mr. Dale paint plates?

jaycee said...

Mr. Dale Smith has explained plate-painting to me several times and I can never remember what he said. The next time you get a hair cut maybe you could ask him again for me. Warning to girls: He'll give you a crew cut if he can, so don't sit in the big chair!

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