Along the Sherwood Heritage Trail...

Along the Sherwood Heritage Trail...
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"Old Sherwood Town" is only nine blocks in size, yet it represents a very large chunk of what America was about during the turn of the 19th Century. The physical Trail winds through these nine blocks. It begins and ends at the Sherwood Heritage Center. Take a look at at the surprises you may meet along the way!)

How to Say "Cipole."

A whistle stop named "Cipole" was a major player in the Sherwood economy. According to the papers, "Sherwood has the distinction of shipping more onions than any other place in the world. Great wagonloads of them have been coming into town the last few weeks, and are being shipped by the carload."

--Sherwood News-Sheet Oct. 11, 1911

The Cipole landscape has been called the most pristine example of the J Harlen Bretz scablands in Oregon. Much of it is also inside the Tualatin River Wilderness Refuge. We transported a small section of this remarkable territory to Veterans Park for this reenactment.
Video of "Ernie Cereghino" and crew with Reporter Rosie Padokie at Veterans Park.


John Brown said...

That guy Mr. Seeley is a riot!!!!

Lilly Morgen said...

Sooooo that's how the Seely Ditch got dug! What do they call it today? Can we get any pictures of it?

Sherwood said...

Who's this "John Brown" character? Are you the same fellow who started the Civil War? (And I don't mean football.)

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am John Brown. I did not start the Civil War as I am from San Francisco. But I am a unionist.
I don't care how hard it is to farm, I don't believe we should profit at the hands of slaves. You can see my profile if you click on my name. I must go now as I must walk to Dayton to build chairs.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Civil War: Our very own A.C. Gibbs of Bell Road on Chehalem Mountain was Governor of the state of Oregon at that time.
(1862-1866)He only made a halfhearted attempt to enlist soldiers in Oregon, managing to recruit only 12 men. He asked me and I said, "Do I look like a fool?"--John Brown

Lilly Morgen said...

My Gosh! that skit just gets better an' better!

Anonymous said...

Hello. John Brown here. Just got back from Stumptown. I see there has been some activity on the trail since I 've geen gone. Why there is a grooved path down the trail that looks like about 50 people a day have been walking over!

JayCee said...

Well now. the onliest reason you would have been coming here from Stump Town is that those folks have figured out a way to capitalize on all that commotion down South-- the California Gold Rush and all that hornswaggle. If you saw people heading through Smock Ville in their shirt sleeves and Sunday shoes, that was the reason. Dang nab it! There's so many grown-ups leaving Oregon these days for the gold fields of California that we have to build special shelters for the abandoned children! Maybe in the next Century, people will be more responsible and sane than they are here and now in 1858!

Anonymous said...

I like the movie. Justin

JayCee said...

Thank you Justin. I will sign your autograph book the next time you come to History Camp.

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