Along the Sherwood Heritage Trail...

Along the Sherwood Heritage Trail...
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"Old Sherwood Town" is only nine blocks in size, yet it represents a very large chunk of what America was about during the turn of the 19th Century. The physical Trail winds through these nine blocks. It begins and ends at the Sherwood Heritage Center. Take a look at at the surprises you may meet along the way!)

That Nasty Mr. Roberts!

"John Roberts on or about the 6th of July had a row with two unmarried women on the streets of Sherwood. The women threatened his arrest. Then he sauced them. One of the girls broke her parasol over his head, and the other slapped him in the face. This one he kicked and slapped the jaws of the other one. For these things a warrant was sworn out before Justice Smith charging Roberts with assault and battery-- two cases because there were two girls." --Hillsboro Independent August 5, 1898


Lilly Morgen said...

My gosh! Look at all those lethal
weapons! I heard that Mr. Roberts wanted to ask one of the young ladies to a Play Party at Mr. Graham's house, but she was a married woman!

jaycee said...

That Mr. Graham sounds like a real cracker. Heeheehee.

John Brown said...

Even though I was dashing in my youth, I got discouraged at these dances and parties. I didn't dare dance with the good looking girls; if I did, I was sure to get in a fight with the other wooing men. I resorted to dancing with the mothers and least that was safe! However, I never met the woman of my dreams. Oh how I can relate to Mr. Roberts's woes!!

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