Along the Sherwood Heritage Trail...

Along the Sherwood Heritage Trail...
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"Old Sherwood Town" is only nine blocks in size, yet it represents a very large chunk of what America was about during the turn of the 19th Century. The physical Trail winds through these nine blocks. It begins and ends at the Sherwood Heritage Center. Take a look at at the surprises you may meet along the way!)

A Real Robin Hood Adventure

In 1911 "There was no railroad crossing at Washington St. and it was necessary for vehicles to go around by the Main St. crossing. The city council petitioned the railroad company to no avail. They were advised by D. D. Hall, a local attorney,that if they could build a crossing and have it in use for twenty four hours, it would remain for all time. Plans were secretly laid and one evening after the railroad employees had retired, citizens armed with the necessary implements hastily constructed a crossing. When the railroad employees arrived in the morning they found a busy stream of traffic on the crossing; so busy, in fact, that it was impossible for them to tear the crossing to pieces. So it remained." --History of Sherwood by Ronald Sherk, 1936.


Lilly Morgen said...

Baby buggies, bicycles, wagons, carts and goats led by a rope were there along with the steam engine during the day to really block up traffic. But what was the root cause of all this disruption? Sherwood's first housing development, the Epler Addition on what the locals call "Washington Hill." Those people in the new houses were tired of the snaking route to their homes. Nothing has changed since that first housing development. So goes the will of the homeowners Association.

Lilly Morgen said...

Did anyone ever find my Civil Revolt sign? Its the only one I lost...

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